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Mr. Journaler: AEM Algorithm’s virtual accountant using Bitcoin NFT Ordinals

Updated: Jun 20

AEM Algorithm, a leading cryptocurrency accounting solution platform integrated with Xero and Intuit QuickBooks, is thrilled to announce the development of Mr. Journaler, an exclusive collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) based on their new virtual crypto accounting assistant who helps simplify the tracking of crypto transaction activity and reporting. The collection is due to launch on the Bitcoin blockchain, using the BRC20 (BTC) Ordinals standard, which allows the inscription of metadata directly on the BTC blockchain.

The initial prototyping has already been developed in-house by AEM Algorithm and their tech team at FDS Soft, who will drive the utility implementation of the NFT Ordinals directly into the crypto accounting software AEM Journaler. Given the image storage requirements, AEM is currently exploring the ability to take the data cross chain onto the Filecoin IPFS storage with the help of their long standing partner at Linden. At a later stage, the implementation of the BRC20 mint and multi crypto wallet upgrade for AEM+, available on Apple App Store and Google Play, is also being explored as part of the broader utility of utilising the NFT for unlocking future subscriptions.

Krzysztof Pająk, AEM’s early investor with his strong presence in the Bitcoin and Solana ecosystems, will also offer mentorship for the NFT project from Europe, alongside AEM’s Head of PR Hailee Hu in Hong Kong who is also a well known NFT artist. Additionally, Independent Reserve, a prominent Australian digital currency exchange, has joined as a key exchange partner after AEM’s recent admission to Google Cloud Web3 Scale Up Program, further solidifying the exciting development of Mr. Journaler and its long term AI capabilities.

This powerful collaboration will ultimately strengthen Mr. Journaler’s evolution as an NFT collection and utility, further expanding AEM’s solutions. With all teams having expertise in blockchain, smart contracts and NFT minting, Mr. Journaler will result from a robust technical collaboration between AEM and their expanding list of partners. 

Breaking new ground in the competitive market, the collection showcases yet another pioneering leap by AEM Algorithm in the world of blockchain and financial technology innovation. AEM foresees significant interest from crypto-native users and individuals who find crypto accounting and tax reporting challenging. 

The inception of Mr. Journaler was sparked by a coincidental introduction on a trip to AEM Algorithm’s local Cyberport office in Hong Kong that occurred between AEM and the founders of Mutaverse, Coco and Vinto, who are also the co-builders of the BRC-1024 metaverse protocol on BTC. Their emphasis on community engagement and encouragement to delve deeper into the Bitcoin ecosystem inspired the founder and CEO of AEM, Jakub Sawczuk, who envisioned a decentralised approach to elevate AEM's presence within the Bitcoin Ordinals community and foster innovation with a meaningful, fully functional NFT. 

Further validation of the concept came after fruitful discussions with Dr. Jinglee from Foundinals, exploring strategies for incentivisation through NFT tracking.

Prototype of Mr. Journaler in Canvasland metaverse

The creation of Mr. Journaler adopts a bottom-up approach, fostering vibrant NFT communities and introducing innovative reporting standards that transcend traditional accounting boundaries. “Having realised that almost all the competitors in the crypto accounting space chose the very traditional path of venture capital (VC) funding and corporate control, AEM Algorithm wants to give control back to the users and the ecosystem, and where else better to do it than on Bitcoin’s Layer 2,” as commented by Sawczuk.

AEM Algorithm will leverage the novelty use of Bitcoin Ordinals to create, mint, and auction their first NFT collection and unlock features for the holders. The release of Mr. Journaler NFT Ordinals is set to make history, recognising the early-stage contributors and holders who will play a pivotal role in its success. AEM initially plans to intertwine Mr. Journaler into their platforms, integrating with their crypto accounting tool AEM Journaler for Web3 businesses. AEM Journaler’s existing NFT wallet feature tracks users’ NFT activity with detailed transaction insights and will seamlessly utilise the transaction hash of the collection upon its launch. Mr. Journaler serves to revolutionise the NFT integration tools within the automated accounting system, and users will soon be given the upgraded ability to access the system together with other exclusive applications, further down the roadmap.

Given AEM Journaler and the complementary AEM+ mobile crypto wallet are cross-chain applications, and Mr. Journaler’s ultimate destination being the metaverse, a prototype is already being built with another strategic partner CanvasLand from Hong Kong – due to release soon.

While details are currently taking shape in Mr. Journaler’s early stages of development, this ambitious project demonstrates AEM Algorithm’s commitment to innovation and signals the potential for new, dynamic solutions within the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain and fintech.

AEM Algorithm is excited to reveal that selected AEM Journaler and AEM+ users will receive a complimentary NFT after the launch of Mr. Journaler Bitcoin NFT Ordinals collection. Eligible users must have an active subscription to Journaler and proof of transaction activity using AEM+. Sign up now for your chance to own an exclusive Mr. Journaler NFT, and join the revolution in crypto accounting: 

Stay tuned on AEM Algorithm’s social media platforms, including Twitter / X, LinkedIn and Telegram for further updates and to follow Mr. Journaler’s journey.

About AEM Algorithm

AEM Algorithm (AEM) is an innovative accounting system provider, empowering Web3 businesses and accountants with advanced solutions and applications for accurate cryptocurrency transaction reporting and financial automation. Their flagship product, AEM Journaler, is a cutting-edge SaaS B2B accounting software that seamlessly integrates with Xero and Intuit QuickBooks. We are the only accounting platform offering a complimentary self-custody crypto wallet, AEM+, under active development.




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