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  • Winston Chan

Save Time by Syncing Your On-Chain Transactions With Xero/QuickBooks Using AEM Journaler

Updated: Jun 20

If you’re a crypto accountant tired of juggling multiple Excel sheets, it’s time to try AEM Journaler. Save time and streamline your workflow with this cutting-edge solution!

AEM Journaler is a crypto accounting software that is integrated with both Xero and QuickBooks.

Fun Fact:

Journaler has been a Xero-certified accounting software for blockchain and cryptocurrency transactions since 2021. It’s Xero’s first optimized crypto accounting solution for businesses!

4 Easy Steps to Get Started:

1. Connect Your Xero/QuickBooks Organization

Seamlessly link your organization to Xero or QuickBooks in just a few clicks.

2. Sync Your On-Chain Wallets and Exchanges

Effortlessly integrate with major platforms like Metamask, Xverse, Binance, and Coinbase.

Check out our Blockchain Wallet Integration tutorial to see how simple it is!

3. Categorize Transactions Seamlessly

Utilize automated rules to categorize your transactions with ease.

4. Export Journals to Xero/QuickBooks

With just a click, export your journals directly to Xero or QuickBooks.

Watch It in Action:

Watch our Xero Export Video / QuickBooks Export Video for an in-depth tutorial.

About AEM Algorithm

AEM Algorithm (AEM) is an innovative accounting system provider, empowering Web3 businesses and accountants with advanced solutions and applications for accurate cryptocurrency transaction reporting and financial automation. Their flagship product, AEM Journaler, is a cutting-edge SaaS B2B accounting software that seamlessly integrates with Xero and Intuit QuickBooks. We are the only accounting platform offering a complimentary self-custody crypto wallet, AEM+, under active development.


Winston Chan

Winston Chan is a Core Contributor at Launch Factor, a leading web3 professional accounting firm. He specializes in integrating QuickBooks and Xero with crypto sub-ledgers and reconciling Web3 data for OTC exchanges. Winston holds a First Class Honors degree in Accountancy and an MBA from Nanyang Technological University. As a Chartered Accountant (Singapore), he has gained extensive experience working with esteemed institutions, including OKX, DigiFT, and KPMG.






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