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  • Jakub Sawczuk

This Virtual World Gamifies NFTs & Crypto Accounting – The Mr. Journaler Game

Updated: Jun 20

AEM Algorithm, a leading accounting platform in bridging traditional finance and cryptocurrency, announces an exciting venture into Web3 gamification with its upcoming Mr. Journaler simulation game. This innovative project blends NFT integration, Web3 gaming and real-world utility, marking a significant milestone in AEM's mission to reinforce digital asset literacy with optimized solutions.

The upcoming Mr. Journaler simulation game is set in a meticulously crafted virtual office where players step into the shoes of Mr. Journaler, AEM’s virtual crypto accountant, released as their genesis NFT collection earlier this year. The game unfolds in two progressive phases, each designed to immerse the player into the world of crypto finance:

Phase 1

Players transport into the crypto accountant simulation by engaging in day-to-day accounting tasks, such as reading the latest crypto news on a 'Cointelegraph' newspaper, using the accounting software AEM Journaler, syncing their crypto wallets, categorizing transactions, and other various bookkeeping duties. Each completed task rewards players with Delta tokens, the usable currency within the game's ecosystem. The gamified experience as a crypto accountant provides players a novelty experience on what it’s like to efficiently manage their digital assets. 

Phase 2

Incorporating artificial intelligence (AI), the game evolves by automating crypto accounting tasks, introducing new challenges, and expanding the interactive gameplay as a virtual accountant, enhancing both entertainment and educational value to players. 

AEM Algorithm introduces Delta tokens as an integral part of the game's reward system. Launched on a bespoke gated blockchain to ensure optimal transaction speeds and minimal fees, Delta tokens represent a pioneering approach to game-based rewards. Players earn Delta by performing activities that mirror real-world crypto accounting practices to promote both learning and entertainment. 

The Mr. Journaler game is being developed in collaboration with notable industry giants such as Google’s Web3 Scaleup Program and RMIT University’s Blockchain Innovation Hub.

CanvasLand, a leading metaverse tech studio, is collaborating with AEM Algorithm to further transform their web3 accounting initiatives on The Sandbox into an engaging gamified learning experience. By leveraging CanvasLand's expertise in creating immersive virtual environments, AEM can seamlessly integrate interactive challenges, realistic simulations, and collaborative features, enabling players to acquire practical accounting skills in an enjoyable and dynamic manner.

AEM has also received praise and support from, Cyberport Hong Kong, and Cointelegraph, among others for pioneering this unique approach to educating players on crypto finance. The simulation game is anticipated to have high prospects with such robust backing early in production.

Mr. Journaler NFTs, currently available for mint on Bitcoin NFT marketplace Gamma, serve as both a Web3 collector's item and a virtual passport to the evolving landscape of AEM's solution offerings. Owners of Mr. Journaler NFTs will also gain early access to the game and in-game incentives, including earning rewards and exclusive features.

The recent launch of Mr. Journaler is on-time with the approaching mid-year tax season. This upcoming release of the simulation game ensures that players can maximize their experience by aligning their gaming achievements with real-world financial cycles, such as the game's unique tax harvesting features.

AEM Algorithm is the bridging solution between traditional financial management and emerging Web3 technologies. With a reputation in accounting innovation and a commitment to financial literacy and education, AEM is on the fast track to leading the next wave of crypto and blockchain adoption. The Mr. Journaler simulation game shows promise to not just be a platform for entertainment but a revolutionary tool for gamified learning.

About AEM Algorithm

AEM Algorithm (AEM) is an innovative accounting system provider, empowering Web3 businesses and accountants with advanced solutions and applications for accurate cryptocurrency transaction reporting and financial automation. Their flagship product, AEM Journaler, is a cutting-edge SaaS B2B accounting software that seamlessly integrates with Xero and Intuit QuickBooks. We are the only accounting platform offering a complimentary self-custody crypto wallet, AEM+, under active development.




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