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Automate Crypto Accounting With AEM Journaler

Updated: Feb 22

In today's rapidly evolving digital asset landscape, adopting efficient cryptocurrency accounting tools has never been more crucial. AEM Algorithm recently highlighted this necessity at the 'Pillars of Crypto Accounting' workshop in Cyberport Hong Kong last month, introducing our cutting-edge solutions designed to empower Web3 accountants and businesses in navigating the complexities of crypto accounting.

AEM Journaler is our flagship cryptocurrency accounting software that seamlessly integrates with Xero and Intuit QuickBbooks, revolutionising how users track, manage, and report crypto transactions. Find out more about our integrated accounting tool on our official website

The accounting system simplifies the reporting process by automating invoice and bill syncing, recording balances, and tax-related entries. With support for 100+ cryptocurrencies from blockchain wallets via live transaction feeds, AEM Journaler ensures unparalleled versatility. Enterprises benefit from high-level data and export capabilities, accommodating over 20,000 currencies and ensuring no transactions are overlooked. 

Interested in optimising your crypto accounting with AEM Journaler? Contact us here to become a partner and start your 30 day free trial today.

Our Accountant Partner Program addresses the unique challenges faced by accountants navigating crypto accounting. Members gain exclusive access to insider discounts, personalised advice, and direct support, empowering you to manage your crypto finances with confidence.

Jakub Sawczuk, founder and CEO of AEM Algorithm, asserts that AEM Journaler stands as the go-to solution for accountants and businesses adapting to crypto asset management. Sawczuk's background and expertise in accounting drives AEM Algorithm’s vision to establish a reformed accounting standard, bridging the gap between traditional financial systems with the blockchain era. 

The host of the 'Pillars of Crypto Accounting' workshop, Sawczuk shared his vision for the future of accounting. He commented:

"As we mark our two-year milestone in the Cyberport Incubation Programme, AEM Algorithm is excited to deepen our commitment to our clients, backed by the invaluable support from Cyberport and InvestHK. At the heart of our mission is the determination to revolutionise accounting processes through automation and innovation, shaping the future of finance.”

Moreover, Sawczuk's pitch at Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand’s 'AI-Enabled Startups Pitch Night' earned him acclaim for his ambitious plan to revolutionise accounting with AI integration into AEM Journaler. AEM Algorithm's latest collaboration with Google further enhances our capabilities, leveraging AI innovation and Web3 tools.

AEM Algorithm is positioned at the centre of Hong Kong’s evolving fintech hub, witnessing a surge in emerging businesses and solutions for cryptocurrency. Moving forward, we eagerly anticipate participating in and hosting educational events, alongside like-minded organisations, such as CA NZ, to refine global accounting standards that align with the dynamic landscape of Web3, crypto, and fintech.


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