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Journaler Xero Integration Explained

How to link your Xero organisation and export cryptocurrency transaction data into Xero, choose between transaction and invoice/bill feed and review the exported data.

Step 1 - Connect to Xero 

Navigate to the Integrations page, from the menu, and select Connect to Xero. 


Step 2 - Create Integration

Click on the Manage button to view your connected organisations. 

Log in with your Xero credentials, accept and select the organisation you want to connect with.

Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 11.53.00 am.png

NOTE: When initially signing up, you will see the Connect button. This means that you must first connect your Xero organisation to Journaler. 

Step 3 - Choose Xero Organisation

Once you have connected your organisation, click on Manage again to view it (it will have a green dot next to it). 


NOTE: You can connect more than one organisation, to do that click on 'Connect Organisation'.

Step 4 - Change Organisation

Now this organisation is ready for you to set exports! If you would like to change the selected organisation, use the Change Organisation button.


Step 5 - Create Integration


Click Create Integration, found below the Manage button. Click on the Wallet dropdown and select the wallet you want to export to Xero.  


NOTE: The latest upgrade now lets you do Xero exports for both Blockchain Wallets and the Exchange Wallets. Simply use the selector on top of the screen to switch between the Wallet type to find the wallets you are looking for.

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