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  • Leanne Sta Ana

Tips to Gain Control Over Your Crypto Transactions

Updated: 6 days ago

Learn how to effectively manage your cryptocurrency and transaction data to improve the workflow and performance of your business with crypto accounting tools.

Building a transparent crypto accounting regime means having a solid foundation for management and oversight over your crypto assets.

While you can’t control the value of cryptocurrency, it’s important to keep track of your crypto transactions to help keep you and your business organised, well-informed and compliant with government policies.

Having greater control of your crypto data also allows you to feel more confident when reviewing your wallets and assets, preventing unnecessary stress about potential errors and inaccurate data due to poor management.

Accountants, businesses and crypto enthusiasts who are committed to maximising their cryptocurrency management skills can benefit from using next generation crypto accounting technology. In doing so, you can enhance your crypto accounting practices with efficient management systems, leading to improved workflow and data transparency.

Crypto accounting technology and software helps eliminate the risks of poor crypto management, such as misaligned decision making and messy financial reporting. A range of intuitive crypto accounting tools are available to implement today, providing accountants, individuals and businesses with the agency to effectively manage their crypto assets, wallets and data:

1. Use multi-cryptocurrency wallets

Authorise seamless transactions with AEM+, a multi-cryptocurrency wallet app that allows you to gain full control of your crypto finances, from the moment it hits your wallet to tax time. The application is able to be used on any device, anywhere and anytime, so you’re able to manage your crypto wallets at your convenience. The crypto-agnostic design also means you can monitor all your wallets in one app; easily move funds between wallets; and enable quick invoicing and export functionalities for your financial records.

AEM+ is designed to be an easy-to-use, manageable and organised platform that delivers effective oversight of all your crypto wallets. It acts as a secure hub that makes managing your cryptocurrency easier than ever.

2. Find crypto accounting systems with data automation

Modern crypto accounting systems that feature data automation tools provide accountants with an effortless means of financial reporting and crypto management. AEM Journaler is an example of a sophisticated crypto accounting system that allows you to organise, track and maintain a bulk of crypto and financial data. By offering users a suite of holistic features that grants greater control and transparency over their transaction data, Journaler simplifies the crypto accounting process by a mile.

Built with crypto data automation tools, Journaler supports live blockchain wallets and exchange wallets for easy access and review; a fully customisable CGT tax calculator; smooth data export and import functionalities; and a plethora of crypto accounting management tools.

Instead of juggling traditional accounting formats, a crypto accounting system like Journaler consolidates your crypto assets and data into a flexible, organised network.

3. Take advantage of integrated crypto accounting tools (with Xero)

For seamless management, connect the crypto accounting tools you choose to adopt to your existing accounting software. Not only does this assist in data management, but it can help improve productivity and workflow by reducing the number of platforms you need to oversee. With our Journaler Starter Plan and above, you’ll gain access to essential crypto accounting tools with the advantage of Xero integration. This direct link to Xero enables you to manage your cryptocurrency on the online accounting platform for a seamless omnichannel experience.

Become more in control of your crypto transactions by having a direct channel between Journaler and Xero, where you can easily perform data reconciliations, invoicing and billing actions, live bank feed arrangements, and more.

Optimise your crypto accounting processes with the innovative tools to support a superior management system. Crypto accounting software presents an opportunity to guide your crypto asset management with ease, helping you meet the needs of your crypto accounting business and processes.

By getting on top of your crypto data management, you’ll feel more confident about how productive you are with your investments.

Leanne Sta Ana

Leanne is a Marketing Assistant at AEM Algorithm. With a strong background in copywriting and content creation, Leanne combines her love for creativity and innovative marketing with strategic research and methodical thinking. Leanne graduated with High Distinction in the Bachelor of Communications (Professional Communication) at RMIT University with a specialisation in Media.



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