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Locked Out of Your Journaler Account?

3 easy steps on your subscription that can get you back into your account.

If you are unable to access your Journaler features and you are locked out, it could be due to any one of these reasons related to your subscription:

1. Signed up but have not subscribed.

You will not be able to navigate to other sections unless you choose your plan and have  successfully completed your subscription via PayPal.


2. Credit card details not up to date.

Make sure you go back to PayPal and check that your credit card details are correct. You will receive reminders via email. After three unsuccessful payment attempts, your profile will get locked out.

Simply go to your Settings and select Pay NowTo note: Once you are done, it may take a couple of  minutes to reset your account.


3. Cancelled a plan and didn't choose a new one.

While we are currently working on improvements, in order to upgrade your plan, you will have to cancel and then resubscribe to the new plan of your choosing. Therefore, you will continue to have access to your profile but until you make the payment, the full range of features will not be available. We expect to have the automatic upgrade feature added very soon. Therefore please make sure you fully resubscribe and complete all payments steps with PayPal.

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