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Blockchain Wallets Not Syncing

Why your blockchain wallet transaction data may not be syncing.

When you first subscribe you are able to add all your wallets by pasting in their addresses. Currently our current integration system allows you to sync up to 5 years worth of transaction data.

Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 1-13-06 pm-png.webp

Before proceeding ensure to check the following:

  • First time syncs (especially if you have historical data) take time, and you will be notified of it when you first add a new wallet. If you have a long list of transactions, after you have linked your wallets, exit your session and return after 30 minutes. This is because we have transaction data limits. If you think you have a particularly large wallet you can always contact support and we can check it for you. 

  • Check that you selected the correct blockchain network and currency name. This may be particularly relevant for blockchains that are forks of other blockchains. Most common one could be Bitcoin Cash vs. Bitcoin. 

NOTE: We currently support a limited number of live Blockchain Wallets, however, the list is growing. Our most extensive list of 10,000+ currencies is in our Exchange Wallet section where you import your data files rather than pull the transactions from the blockchain.

  • How many transactions your wallet may already have. This is particularly important when choosing your plan type as they are based on monthly transaction amounts and you will find that your transactions will only sync up to the limit. When you reach the next month Journaler will load more of the transactions automatically.

TIP: You could use the exchange wallet feature instead of the blockchain wallet feature, where you import a data file into your wallet. Here you can select a date range and remove any past transactions you do not need or you have done accounting for, or are non reportable. This way you can stay within your monthly transaction limit

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