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Get Started With AEM+

AEM+ is a cryptocurrency mobile wallet with multi-chain, multi-cryptocurrency functionalities. That allows you to manage your crypto transactions and invoices on any device, anywhere at any time!


✔ Store your wallets in one app

Store all of your wallets in one app, and take it on the go with your everywhere you go!

✔ Simplified Crypto Invoicing 

Send and receive cryptocurrency payments with ease through AEM+ by correctly calculating the FIAT amount.

✔ Easily Export Your Crypto Data 

Export invoice and transaction data for easy and fast record keeping into CSV and convert amounts into FIAT

✔ AEM+ for Everyone 

AEM+ was built to be fast and easy to use for everyone, breaking the barriers to crypto management.


✔ Your Handy Sidekick to Journaler 

AEM+ functions as a companion app for Journaler, working seamlessly together for an easy crypto experience. 

Step 1: Download AEM+


Step 2: Create or Import Account 


Once, downloaded, open the app, and select either Create account or Import account.


  1. Select Create account

  2. You will be presented with your secret mnemonic phrase, which you will need in the next step. You will also need this to enter your account if you ever loe your passcode or lose access to your account. Be sure to store in a secure location.

  3. Enter mnemonic phrase in the correct order.

  4. Set up your passcode.

  5. Optional. Set up one touch Fingerprint Scanner or Face ID (iOS).

  6. Get set, GO! Manage your crypto anywhere, anytime!



  1. Select Import account.

  2. If you have an AEM+ account, you can login sing your mnemonic phrase or you can begin by entering in your Private Key for any of the followings: Bitcoin, Ethereum and NEM.

  3. Set up your passcode

  4. Optional. Set up one touch Fingerprint Scanner or Face ID (iOS).

Get set, GO! Manage your crypto and invoicing anywhere anytime!

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