Founder / CEO

Jakub is a certified accountant with over a decade of experience in Financial Management and Systems Integration. Before that Jakub has spent another decade as a Product Designer Engineer working for companies such as GE across Europe and the US and completing high end technical and corporate courses in collaboration with Georgia Tech in the US. Jakub holds undergraduate degrees acquired at universities in Australia (Swinburne, Melbourne), Holland (Hanzehogeschool, Groningen) and Spain (CPS, Zaragoza), as well as postgraduate certification in Accounting (Swinburne). Jakub holds provisional membership of the Chartered Accountants (Deakin), membership of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and a membership of Tax Practitioners Board of Australia as a BAS Agent. Jakub’s role is to manage the team and the operations, but at the same time to lead and verify lot of the conceptualisation of the systems developed by AEM.



Matthew VanMullem is an ICT systems architect with 15 years of technical expertise working with technologies from VMware, Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, and HPE. His broad base of expertise has lead to work with a diverse set of past projects, enabling him to act as a trusted consultant with a holistic view of client operations. His current focus is providing business automation solutions.



Paul is a senior leader with over 25 years’ experience delivering business transformation in large and complex business environments in industry sectors ranging from Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Mining and IT. Having engaged with business and executive level stakeholders, Paul has worked on identifying improvement opportunities within business operations and brings new ways of working to drive value for organisations through process optimisation, digital transformation and the design and implementation of new operating models.Paul has worked in both consultancy and as an executive responsible for complex business functions, In his role as Asia Pacific COO for IBM’s Global Business Services Blockchain Practice, Paul worked on new operating models in Blockchain within Financial Services and Supply Chain sectors, from user development, proof of concept solutioning to building scalable production ready applications.He brings these experiences to the AEM team and wants to use his wealth of knowledge to better optimise and transform the business process.


Blockchain technology manager

Anouk is a Blockchain Strategy Consultant and Educator who has spent two decades in the corporate IT sector and 20 years studying currency design. Before blockchain, Anouk has had a background in disciplines ranging from network administration to software development to business analysis, service delivery management and project management. A broad researcher and activist in the community currencies space since the '90s.


Blockchain Mentor

Full time blockchain developer and content creator. Explores cryptocurrency project one at a time and documenting his yourney on his Youtube channel. Blockchain AML expert and Lightning Network adoption influencer.


Front end developer

Chaofan Wu is a web developer and currently work as a software developer for AEM Algorithm. She mainly focuses on the front-end development to ensure the web application meet the user experience and design requirements. And work in teams alongside Back end developers to ensure the development is consistent. 



Serin Park is a multi-disciplinary designer with a passion for User Experience and Interface(UX/UI) design. Her background is in Communication Design and Visual art with 2 years experience in a diverse range of industries. She uses visual communications as a way of exploring and understanding human experience.


Front end developer

Zidi is a software developer with some experience in graphic design. She is familiar with front-end development languages such as React, HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and is also proficient in design software such as PhotoShop and Illustrator. With a master's degree in IT and a bachelor's degree in art, she is passionate about exploring the fusion of design and programming, and remains curious and passionate about new things.


Software Engineer

For the past 3 years Leo has been developing applications such as e-commerce websites and backend applications to support Australia’s largest financial institutions. His experience spans from AWS deployment through to programming languages and frameworks such as Java, NodeJS, Typscript and React for frontend. Leonardo has a passion for design combined with a Mining Engineering degree through Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Brazil) with over 10 years experience in design, optimization and operation of various minerals processing facilities he has honed his skills in delivering technical applications across varied industries.


Software Engineer

Artur Gromek is a Software Engineer

with experience across the full stack

of web development as well as

mobile application development.
He is proficient in back-end technologies including Node.js and ASP.Net Core,

and front-end technologies

such as React and Blazor.
He holds an undergraduate degree in Software Engineering acquired at RMIT University in Melbourne.
His focus for clean, maintanable and structured code is a testament to his passion for programming.


Marketing strategist

Marketing strategist at AEM. Bella is in her final year of the Bachelor of Communications (Professional) at RMIT University. Bella showcases her abilities through a specialised interest in marketing strategy and public relations and provides a unique collaborative style of working.


Project Lead

Rochelle Weerautnge is an information systems major with a particular interest in accessible tech and UX. She has experience in both the front and backend of website creation management. She brings her Agile ways of working and Design Thinking methodology experience to our team.


Marketing Advisor

Rutger has over a decade of experience in online marketing. As a Digital Marketer, SEO copywriter and Creative Content Editor with experience in both the B2B and B2C sector, he has created successful ad campaigns, and written compelling and SEO strong content in order to generate more traffic and a higher conversion rate. He has covered a wide range of topics such as astronomy, video games, the best sights to see in European capitals, and even avid hikers found their perfect holiday location thanks to a successful ad campaign for a British booking company. Back in 2017, he was part of an ambitious cryptocurrency news outlet, which gave birth to his interest in everything blockchain related.


Blockchain Technical Advisor

Founder of the DATAMAIN blockchain BAAS platform, Media columnist, co-founder of NEMChina. More than ten years of C++, big data, blockchain technology development experience. Thilon is an IT expert with hands-on management experience. In 2005, worked on the architecture and research for eMule, a peer-to-peer file sharing software on a well-known sharing website, VeryCD. In 2010, I was responsible for architectures and researches of the network manager in Green Packet (a Malaysian listed company) Shanghai office. In 2014, was the director of the Internet finance department at a financial management company, Hengyu Finance. Daily duties include the development of a P2P platform, as well as R&D team-leading. Since 2016, big data analysis has been done through AlibabaClound’s Max computer/e-mr. Years of industry experience makes him an expert in big data analysis, Java development, and C. /C++ development and architecture.


Legal Advisor

I have a broad range of corporate commercial, financial services, funds management and banking and finance experience with a particular emphasis on financial services and funds management. I have taken a keen interest in Blockchain and crypto currencies having advised clients on the establishment of crypto currency funds, establishing crypto currency exchanges, initial coin offerings (ICOs), operating ICO marketing platforms and operating crypto wallets. I am also a mentor for the RMIT Blockchain Strategy Course. I also have a keen interest in startups and fintech companies. I have acted for a wide range of financial services providers including retail and wholesale fund managers, investment advisers, financial planners, stock brokers, IDPS operators and managed discretionary account providers. I have advised financial service providers on all aspects of managed investments schemes, AFSL and ACL licensing, disclosure requirements and ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements.